There are a lot of reasons to join the union, and your reasons may be different from your co-workers. That's fine. Some people want a bigger say in the policies and work rules they have to follow. Others may feel they've been treated unfairly. And others may want to help make their workplace more efficient and help shape the Bureau's future. These are all good reasons.

  • Only members will get to decide what is included in our collective bargaining agreement. It will establish guidelines on nearly every aspect of our work-life experience, including work hours, improving processes and procedures, and performance management.
  • Only members can approve or vote down the contract. Once a contract is negotiated, it is voted on by the members.
  • Everyone – members and nonmembers alike – must abide by the terms of the contract.

You can stand on the sidelines and take what you get or you can get involved and help shape your future, the Bureau’s future, and your chapter’s future.

Becoming a member is easy. Just complete this form and email it to That's it!

Learn more about the NTEU's history and it's accomplishments. Watch this video.

How much are dues?

Dues will range from about $12 to $24 per pay period, depending on your pay band. You can use this Excel worksheet to calculate your exact dues amount. Enter your annual salary in the appropriate pay band cell and press the return key to see how much your dues will be each pay period.

At most, it breaks down to about $2.40 per work day – about the cost of a cup of coffee.

Dues fund our chapter’s budget. This budget pays for everything from administrative costs, to social events, to training for your stewards and officers so they can represent you better. Dues also help fund NTEU labor law attorneys and negotiators to fight for stronger contracts, and help if you’re ever treated unfairly or need to file a grievance or other proceeding.

Dues also help pay for legislative coordinators and lobbyists that promote your interests as a federal employee on the Hill. No dues money goes to political campaigns.

How much dues will be, and how they will be spent, are included in the bylaws and disclosed to the members.