Interim Chapter 335 publication, submission, and comment policy


The purpose of this policy is to inform members of NTEU Chapter 335 about the standards required for submitting and publishing content on the official Chapter website, Chapter newsletter, common bulletin boards maintained by NTEU members and other official communications. It is also to help guide the actions of the Newsletter/Publicity Committee and inform decisions made by the committee chairperson, the editor-in-chief and current and future committee members. The Chapter encourages free speech and an open marketplace of ideas. However, for those concepts to thrive in a democratic and respectful manner there must be clearly defined boundaries respected by all. The Chapter also must comply with federal union election regulations, the NTEU Constitution, Chapter bylaws, and the Collective Bargaining Agreement or interim agreements with the CFPB, which when taken together provide guidance on the types of speech that can be published, and limitations on the use of Chapter-funded or Bureau-funded resources. Once approved, this policy shall be publicly available on the NTEU Chapter 335 website and made available to individual members upon request.


A.   This policy was drafted by the Newsletter/Publicity Committee, NTEU Chapter 335.

B.   Any suggested changes should be brought to the attention of the committee by emailing or using the Contact Us form on the website. Members can also suggest changes to this policy to stewards and ask that the suggestions be relayed to the committee.

C.   Changes and updates to the policy must be approved by a majority vote of the committee.

D.   The policy and any future changes shall comply with federal union election regulations, the NTEU Constitution, Chapter bylaws, and the Collective Bargaining Agreement or interim agreements with the CFPB.


A.   NTEU Chapter 335’s official website, newsletter and bulletin boards aim to inform members and facilitate conversations that align with the Chapter’s mission and vision.

The Chapter’s mission: To protect those who protect consumers through collective bargaining, enforcement of agreements and policies, effective communication, and political action.

The Chapter’s vision: To create a collaborative workplace where employees are able to reach their full potential and are treated fairly and equally, with dignity and respect.


A.   Content published by the Chapter will attempt to meet the Chapter’s Mission and Vision by providing:

1) Regular, member-focused news and information about issues affecting the Chapter by signed authors;

2) Education about unions, the NTEU, national issues and trends affecting government workers, and the Labor Movement as a whole;

3) Information about the benefits of membership and collaboration that encourage the growth and strengthening of the Chapter.

B.   Blog posts, newsletter articles and other media published on behalf of the Chapter will be factual in nature, reviewed and approved by the appropriate members of the Newsletter/Publicity Committee, including but not limited to the committee chairperson, editor-in-chief, and committee members designated to be the editors for the website, newsletter and bulletin board materials.

1) Content on the Chapter website, newsletter, and other Chapter-funded communications will strive to serve the membership and the Chapter’s mission and goals. Content is ideally professional, courteous and constructive. We value a collaborative workplace and Chapter where employees and members are treated with fairness, equality, dignity and respect. We understand posts become a permanent part of the Chapter’s, authors’, and others’ online presence. We will be considerate of our own and others’ reputation as well as the reputation of the Chapter and the Bureau when posting to the website. We will seek to be respectful and fair in all communications. We will also seek to engage the membership in defining what is fair and appropriate content and use of this member-funded tool.


A.   Errors or inaccuracies are bound to slip through. When mistakes are brought to our attention, we will correct or clarify the matter as soon as possible.

B.   Errors or inaccuracies in blog posts should be brought to the attention of the signed author in the comment area of the blog post. The author is encouraged to address inaccuracies and errors by responding to the comments, as well as correct the blog post as quickly as possible. Requests for corrections can also be sent through the Contact Us form or emailed to

C.   Notifications of errors or inaccuracies in the Chapter Newsletter or in other Chapter communications can be emailed to with the words “correction/clarification requested” in the subject line. Please also include:

1) Your name

2) Where the mistake appeared (issue, story, etc.)

3) A brief description of the mistake and the correct information. Including reference or supporting information will speed the correction process.

4) Your CFPB phone extension.


A.   Member-provided blog posts, newsletter articles, photos, and videos are always welcome. However, all member-provided content must meet the goals outlined in Section 4 above and be the original work of a bona fide dues-paying member of Chapter 335.

B.   In addition, all blog posts, newsletter articles, photos and videos must meet the following criteria:

1) Must identify the author(s) or producer(s).

2) Quotations and/or paraphrased comments must be properly verified and attributed to their original source.

3) If you provide a picture or video featuring other members of Chapter 335, you must obtain permission to publish their images online.

4) Written material must be grammatically correct, free of spelling errors, well-written and coherent.

5) Must be relevant to the membership of the Chapter.

6) Must not be self-promotional nor market a product.

7) Must not make personal attacks or allegations against individual members.

8) Must use language that is respectful and inclusive of diverse communities and groups.

C.   Blog posts and articles may vary in length and typically should not exceed 500 words.

D.   When links to other websites are provided, those websites must also meet the criteria listed in Section 6B, above.

E.   To submit a post, article, photograph, or video, attach the file (texts of blog posts or articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word) in an email to Include the words “Blog post/Newsletter article/photograph/video submission” in the subject line. Also include,

1) Your name as you would like it to appear.

2) A brief two- to three-sentence description of the material, its primary message or purpose, or an explanation of what the member wants the item to accomplish.

3) Your CFPB phone extension.

F.   If you would like to suggest that a blog post, article, photograph or video be produced, email your suggestion to Include the words “Suggestion for blog post/newsletter article/photograph/video.” Suggestions may also be submitted using the Contact Us form on the website. Please include:

1) Your name.

2) A brief description of the subject you’d like covered.

3) Your CFPB phone extension.

G.   By submitting materials to the website or newsletter you agree to the following:

1) Your name will be displayed as the author/photographer/videographer.

2) That you will provide answers to reader questions or comments in response to your work product.

3) That you will be responsible for making corrections or clarifications to your work product if requested.

4) The Chapter’s Newsletter/Publicity Committee chairperson and/or his or her designee, including but not limited to the editor-in-chief or the editors responsible for the website or newsletter will determine the suitability of content.

5) The committee is under no obligation to post or publish your work in a specific amount of time.

6) The committee reserves the right to reject or edit your work for any reason.

7) Submission does not guarantee your work will be published.

8) Should a submission be rejected, the Newsletter/Publicity Committee will make a good faith effort to communicate the reasons to the author(s).

9) Approved member-created content may be published without notice. Please watch the blog or the newsletter regularly to see if your materials are published.


A.   Blog comments and member group discussions are for members and in some cases nonmember bargaining unit employees to state their opinions. We expect, at times, there will be disagreements and debate. But we also expect your comments to remain professional, courteous and constructive.

B.   The Chapter does not moderate discussions, but the Newsletter/Publicity Committee reserves the right to remove comments that:

1) Contain abusive, vulgar, offensive, threatening, or harassing language.

2) Contain language that would violate the law if published.

3) Contain threats, hate speech or defamatory statements.

4) Suggest or encourage illegal activity.

5) Contain sensitive personal information about the poster or another person.

6) Are repetitive postings or “spam.”

7) Are self-promotional or market or endorse a product.

8) Makes personal attacks or allegations against individual members.

9) Attempt to circumvent the standard content submission requirements of this policy.


A.   Communications governing chapter elections and candidate platforms shall fall under the purview of the Committee on Election and Nominations.

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  1. Sherry Hunt says:

    I vote to approve the policy as written. I see no need for revisions at this time.

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